Northern Health Leads The Way For Promotion of Men’s Health?

Not too long ago, I applauded British Columbia’s Northern Health authority for the release of their forward-thinking health promotion policy paper on overweight and obesity.

Now, just in time for Movember, Northern Health has released another interesting document, “MANual: A Men’s Health Survival Guide“, which focusses on health promotion in men.

The guide addresses a wide range of topics from healthy eating (at camp) and weights to risk-taking behaviour. smoking, drugs, alcohol and sexuality. However, it also provides helpful advice regarding the risks for diabetes and heart disease as well as prostate, lung and colorectal cancer.

I assume that similar documents exist in other jurisdictions, however, I though that this one is particularly well laid out and informative.

Certainly an interesting and quick read for any man (and woman, who care about her man).

Edmonton, Alberta