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Northern Health Leads The Way For Promotion of Men’s Health?

Not too long ago, I applauded British Columbia’s Northern Health authority for the release of their forward-thinking health promotion policy paper on overweight and obesity.

Now, just in time for Movember, Northern Health has released another interesting document, “MANual: A Men’s Health Survival Guide“, which focusses on health promotion in men.

The guide addresses a wide range of topics from healthy eating (at camp) and weights to risk-taking behaviour. smoking, drugs, alcohol and sexuality. However, it also provides helpful advice regarding the risks for diabetes and heart disease as well as prostate, lung and colorectal cancer.

I assume that similar documents exist in other jurisdictions, however, I though that this one is particularly well laid out and informative.

Certainly an interesting and quick read for any man (and woman, who care about her man).

Edmonton, Alberta


  1. While there can be may policy statements published unless it is readable and enjoyable to the target audiance it may as well not be printed. What I find about many published leaflets nad info stuff is that it is very shallow and usually trying to sell something. The way you talk this MANual is ment to be read and enjoyed so that the target audiance WILL folow threw.

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  2. Thank-you so much for bringing my attention to this! As a health professional in Northern Alberta, this resource is so relevant.

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  3. Thanks for showing useful and motivational articles! Well, the only way it would really help with building muscles is the extra burst of energy you get at the gym after drinking it, therefore being able to go longer, building more muscle.But I don’t think there is a direct link between Coffee and muscle development.

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