No Food For the Lazy!

Yesterday, newspapers reported widely about the UK conservative leader David Cameron calling on the obese, the idle, and even the poor to accept some responsibility for their plight.

According to Cameron, society has become “far too sensitive” to people’s feelings, with no one prepared to say “what needs to be said.” “We talk about people being ‘at risk of obesity’ instead of people who eat too much and take too little exercise”.

Great stuff! So all fat people eat too much and are lazy – they deserve their plight! In other words, let’s stop coddling them and let’s certainly not bother providing them with any health services for their plight.

Perfect. Let’s next stop providing services for all smokers who get heart attacks or cancer, no more trauma surgery for anyone who gets injured driving above the speed limit or, God forbid, gets run over jay walking. No more health services for anyone coming down with influenza who did not get his flu shot, no more medical freebies for people spraining their ankles at sports, and obviously definitely no more medical help with “lifestyle diseases” like diabetes, high cholesterol, hypertension, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis and back pain.

Everyone is the master of their own destiny.

Thank you Mr. Cameron for saying what needed to be said.

Anyone feeling depressed? Suck it up!

Edmonton, Alberta