New Faculty Orientation

Today was “New Faculty Orientation” day for the Dept of Medicine. Most informative – tons of info – but very useful (though slightly overwhelming). Again, amazed by the friendliness, enthusiasm and the great “can-do” attitude of the folks here in Edmonton.

How does this impact my role as WW-MD? Well, for one, I learnt about the importance of job descriptions and the significance of matching those to my performance review – just double-checked my contract – turns out I have 30% admin in my contract – right now feels like 100% admin – but guess what, I am having a ball!

Every meeting I’ve been to so far (first one this morning was at 7 – hey, its starting to get CHILLY that early in the morning!) have been helpful and I’ve come out of every single one of them with the feeling that we are moving things forward – again – great team, great inputs, great enthusiasm!

Thanks everyone – apologies to anyone who thinks today’s post is a bit “cheesy” – must be getting soft!