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Need For Accommodation of Canadians With Obesity

Recently, I gave a talk to the Alberta Therapeutic Recreation Association’s annual meeting here in Edmonton.

In my presentation, I addressed the fact that even the best-case scenario predicts that we will have millions of Canadians living with severe obesity in the coming decades.

The following excerpts from my talk summarize my thoughts on this issue and the implications this will have for policy and decision makers.

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Edmonton, Alberta

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  1. Dr. Sharma,

    Your insight continues to astound me. I sit here in tears after watching your videos because you so clearly and eloquently outlined the daily struggle it is to face each day as a morbidly obese person. Thank you for taking the time to truly understand your clients and share your understanding with the broader healthcare (sickcare) community.

    You mentioned about how society wants to punish those of us who are fat. That if we have enough negative consequences, we will some how be motivated to become thin, like we should be if we were just smart, strong or determined enough. As you well pointed out, overweight people are some of the most strong and determined people around. And it is just that the people who don’t struggle with obesity have different genetics that counter-act the obesigenic society in which we all live.

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