Living With Obesity? Time To Connect!

In its continuing efforts to improve the lives of people living with obesity, Obesity Canada, has now launched OC Connect, its exclusive and private portal to engage and empower individuals living with obesity in a safe, supportive and interactive space.  

The OC Connect platform, which runs on MightyNetworks, is a place where anyone living with obesity will recognize that they are not alone in their journey and become empowered to live happy healthy lives while connecting to others who get it!

If you or someone you care about is living with obesity (or for any of your patients living with obesity), OC Connect is for you.  Through this community you will learn the latest science of obesity, what to do about it, and where to find help while building a supportive and interactive community of empowered people fighting the same fight. 

By Joining OC Connect people living with obesity will immediately be connected to others just like them, across various stages of their journey who are looking for and offering friendship and support.  They will also have access to unique and valuable content from Canadian and global experts on obesity, access to exciting live and virtual events designed to inform and empower this community and perhaps most importantly, will be given the opportunity to make a difference.  Whether that be making a difference for themselves or their loved ones, the members of this community will become and important part of something much bigger!

To join “OC-Connect” – click here.

Health professionals may wish to join “OC-Connect Pro” – by clicking here.

Edmonton, AB

p.s. The “OC-Connect Pro” site works best on the the TimedRight app, which can be downloaded here