Leipzig Bags Another Research Centre For Obesity

Leipzig SFBThis week I am in Leipzig reviewing the progress of the Leipzig IFB for obesity, which was awarded 25 million euros over 5 years for translational obesity research.

This research consortium helped set the stage for an additional 12 million euros that were recently awarded to the University of Leipzig for a prestigious Collaborative Research Centre (CRC) on Obesity Mechanisms by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG).

The aim of the 18 funded projects range from studies on the complex neurobiology of energy balance including studies on reward mechanisms to studies on adipose tissue biology and fat deposition to Mechanisms of cross talk between adipose tissue with other organs.

Together, these projects will hopefully lead to a coherent integrated model for the role of the central nervous system in human obesity and bring us closer to identifying novel targets as candidates for the pharmacological and behavioural treatment of obesity.

Thus, together with the IFB, this CRC further enhances the concentration of top-notch obesity research at the University of Leipzig. No doubt, Leipzig will soon be a much sought-after destination for young obesity researchers, not just from Europe, wishing to pursue advanced studies in obesity research and management.

It is also a big step towards further cementing the Alberta Saxony Obesity Research and Training Alliance (ASORTA), which will co-host this year’s 8th Canadian Obesity Network Obesity Summer Boot Camp, in Kananaskis, Alberta later this year (July 20-28).

Leipzig, Germany