Lady Gaga Found This First: ‘Fat’ Poem

Caroline Rothstein Performing 'Fat'

Caroline Rothstein Performing 'Fat'

In case anyone thought that yesterday’s post on me venturing into theatre was the first sign of me going ‘gaga’, today’s post takes it even further.

The following (e-mail readers will have to head to the site to see this) is a short poem called “Fat” by Caroline Rothsteiin, a 29-year old spoken-word poet and writer who lives in New York.

This raw and personal poem, in which Rothstein describes her struggles with her bulimia and body-image issues, was ‘discovered’ by Lady Gaga and has since received over 30,000 hits on YouTube.

As anyone moved by this piece will appreciate, the power of art (in this case a poem) to change heads and hearts is far greater than any scientific study that I could ever hope to publish.

Please feel free to repost this video so that others can see it – appreciate your comments.

Edmonton, Alberta