June is Bike Month

I’ve always liked biking. Back in med school, I biked straight across Berlin (Neukoelln to Dahlem) and back every day and on certain days all the way from Neukoelln to Dahlem to Wedding and back to Neukoelln (probably around 70 Km or so). The funny thing was, I thought nothing about it – it was simply the easiest and quickest way to get around.

That’s the kind of “exercise” I like – physical activity that you have to do to actually do something – very different from “non-utilitarian/recreational-type” stuff that most people seem to be into (honestly, I can think of a million things I’d rather do in the little free time I have than to exercise simply for the sake of exercising).

So of course, now that Summer is almost here (yes, there actually is a Summer in Edmonton), I’ve gone out and bought a bike and ride it to work everyday (at least I did all of last week – so far, so good). It’s only 25 mins one way – faster than ETS and not much slower than by car at rush hour (hey and parking’s free!).

All of this just in time for Bike Month in Edmonton. As the “City of Festivals”, it should be no surprise that there actually is a Bikeology Festival here. Tons of cool events like ride to work challenges, bikey breakfasts, ride-in outdoor movies, bike salons, guided tours and even a “make your own jewelry out of bicycle trash” class.

Not sure I’ll be taking part in all of this but I sure will be out there riding my bike to work and back.

Living within walking distance to work – luxury!

Living within biking distance to work – bliss!

Edmonton, Alberta

Image by Paul Turnbull