Help Sustain the Canadian Obesity Network

The first to step forward to support CON-RCO - a great big THANK YOU!

Yesterday, the Canadian Obesity Network called on its members to help raise funds to sustain the Network.

Here is what I said in my letter to our members:

Dear Friends,

The Obesity Network urgently requires financial support!

I think you will agree that over the past five years CON-RCO has substantially changed the landscape of obesity research and management in Canada.

In this short time, CON-RCO has created and fostered an ‘obesity research and practice community’ that has truly changed the landscape of obesity. We have broken down silos and have encouraged dialogue.

CON-RCO has helped build capacity – there are now 170 Boot Camp graduates, and 1,000s of trainees have self-organized in CON-RCO’s Student and New Professional (SNP) chapters across Canada.

CON-RCO has launched important initiatives such as TROPIC, which has produced childhood obesity guidelines and tools that are now being used as models throughout the country.

CON-RCO has spearheaded efforts to address weight-bias and discrimination, promote access to obesity prevention and management and draw attention to the needs for accommodation and rehabilitation of the many Canadian kids, youth and adults living with severe obesity.

All of these achievements (and many more) were realized with minimal funding (the network’s initial NCE grant of $400,000 a year ran out two years ago).

Today, CON-RCO has over 8,000 members and continues to grow faster than any other professional obesity organization in the world.

But as you know, membership in CON-RCO is FREE, and I would like to keep it that way. CON-RCO needs your support to continue doing what it does.

If you believe that CON-RCO is an organization that you would like to see continue to grow and progress, then now is the time to put your money where your mouth is.

Over the coming weeks, we ask you, your colleagues, your friends, your family, your patients or complete strangers to contribute what they can to CON-RCO.

I know that CON-RCO members already support countless other important causes – this is great! But if you believe that obesity and CON-RCO also deserve support, here is your chance to set an example. Over 20,000,000 Canadians who are currently overweight or obese need our help – you can help them get it.

Please donate now, and please forward this mail to anyone who you think may care. Your support will ensure that CON-RCO can continue its important work.

On behalf of all here at CON-RCO, THANK YOU!
Not surprisingly, CON-RCO members and friends have begun stepping up to the plate – the Wordle shows who has contributed (the font size is proportional to the amount) – and every dollar counts.
I am confident that everyone, who believes in the vision and mission of CON-RCO and recognises what the Network has achieved will eventually step up to the plate and contribute their fair share to its sustainability.
As Director of CON-RCO I can only promise that 100% (minus what PayPal takes for processing the payment) will go directly towards supporting CON-RCO and all its activities.
Edmonton, AB