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Happy 2014

Wishing all my readers all the best for 2014


Edmonton, AB

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  1. Looking forward to more good information, research, and insights on the disease that I am doing my bet to manage. Your blog is one tool that I use along with many I have learned through the WeghtWise clinic at the RAH.

    Unlike other diseases and syndromes, obesity management does not have a standardized set of treatment protocols. The patient if fortunate, will have interdisciplinary medical and psychological professionals that will assist and develop a personalized plan of treatment utilizing tools and strategies to manage their obesity.

    Tools as like blogs, behaviour modification therapy, counselling, classes on nutrition and activity are all examples of tools that we can use while trying to manage obesity. Of course Bariatric surgery being the most beneficial tool as long as the patient has mastered or has demonstrated that they have the behavioural flexibility to be able to utilize or draw upon the information and resources as provided to them by their team.

    2013 was a monumental year for me. I have lost over 70 pounds while waiting for Bariatric surgery and while I struggled a bit over the Holiday season, did not too badly for someone who has struggled with this incurable disease most of his lifetime.

    Wishing you, your family, amd the regular readers of your blog a very happy New Year!

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