Giving Nu Value to What We Eat

Today, I am attending a Leaders Summit in Montreal hosted by the Canadian Agri-Food Policy Institute (CAPI).

The Summit brings together a number of senior representatives of Canada’s food manufacturing and retailing leaders as well as researchers and decision makers from various provincial and federal governments.

Last night, at the opening dinner, I had the pleasure of listening to David Katz, Director and Co-Founder of the Yale Prevention Research Center, who talked about the The NuVal System for food labelling, designed to make it easier to identify and compare foods based on their nutritional valure.

The system was developed by an independent panel of nutrition and medical experts and rates the nutritional value of foods on a scale from 1 to 100. The higher the NuVal Score, the better the nutrition. It literally allows you to compare the nutritional value of apples and oranges.

In other words, NuVal is a GPS that directs us to healthier foods.

A number of food retailers in the US are now using the NuVal system and its users and fans are apparently growing.

For more information on how the NuVal system works and what it can do feel free to visit the NuVal website.

Wonder if and when we’ll see food with NuVal scores in Canadian supermarkets.

Montreal, Quebec