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German TV Looks At Healthy Obesity

Arya Sharma on bike 3SATRegular readers will be familiar with the fact that not all people with excess weight necessarily have health problems. Now, the 3SAT television channel, which broadcasts in Germany, Austria and Switzerland has produced a 45 minute documentary on the science behind these findings.

Although the film is in German, I thought I would post the link anyway as many of my readers may well be able to grasp the story even if they are not entirely fluent.

To watch the documentary on line click here.

Incidentally, I am featured about 2.5 minutes into the film, discussing the Edmonton Obesity Staging System and related issues.

Appreciate all comments.

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  1. When you, or any FA/HAES advocate can find me a group of 100 people in their late 60s or older, all of whom have been clinically obese for 25 or more years, and show me that they all have excellent blood pressure, blood glucose, cholesterol, heart function, can perform moderately strenuous tasks without becoming short of breath, can demonstrate a range of motion and flexibility…then I’ll care. There is no such group of people. Being obese and healthy is a short-lived phenomenon that cannot be sustained for any length of time. Showing a fat guy who rides a bike doesn’t help anyone take steps to improve their health.

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    • Show me a group of 100 skinny old people who ca do the above and I’ll believe that being skinny is a sign of good health.

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