Food Cravings and Weight Loss

OK, here’s a new piece of research from Tufts University whose results I would probably have predicted:

1) People crave energy-dense foods low in fibre and protein

2) Losing weight increases those cravings – the more weight you lose, the greater the cravings

3) People who give in to these cravings lose less weight (or gain it back)

Carrot sticks will simply not replace chocolate cake. The question is, how much chocolate cake can you still eat while trying to lose/maintain weight?

I guess the answer is: how ever much chocolate you need to still or manage those cravings.

If you are not a complete control freak those cravings will drive you nuts and you’ll probably give in sooner or later.

Rule of Thumb: if you feel you are depriving yourself you are unlikely to stick with it (or feel unhappy and frustrated).

Let’s never forget that food serves biological, psychological and sociological purposes that have nothing to do with maintaining energy balance, nutrient intake or good health.

The powers that regulate the hedonic aspect of food intake are always lurking and ready to sabotage any weight loss attempt.

Ignoring these “powers” is doomed to failure – let’s embrace them and find creative ways to work around them.