Electrical Vagal Blockade for Obesity Approved in Europe

Yesterday, EnteroMedics announced European approval of their VBLOC system (Maestro) for obesity. As blogged previously, the system reduces food intake by blocking vagal signals from the stomach and gut to the brain. The system is implanted laparoscopically and uses high-frequency, low-energy electrical impulses to intermittently block vagal activity.

On their website, the company reports results of their pivotal study, which showed show excess weight loss, or EWL, of 37.6% in 9 patients at 18 months of VBLOC Therapy and 28.1% in 17 patients at 12 months of therapy. To date, no deaths or unanticipated adverse device events have been reported.

It will be interesting to see how this new treatment for obesity is embraced in Europe and whether or not it will find its niche in obesity management.

Edmonton, Alberta