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Edmonton Obesity Staging System in MacLeans Magazine

Today I’ll make it real short: many of you may recall my recent paper, co-authored by Robert Kushner, President of the Obesity Society and Professor of Medicine at Northwestern University, on the Edmonton Obesity Staging system.

This story is covered this week in MacLeans Magazine – to read the full story click here.

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  1. I am a CON member and hit you up early in the Calgary convention to let you know how appreciative I am of you. Don’t stop. So many of us that have the history of treating the obese and the intelligence to understand the data, are both empathetic to the patient and fearful of the future. I believe Obesity is bigger to our social demise than global warming. I fear that it offers a unique human stigma that will not give it the unbiased media attention it needs, until it is too late. The research and summits are extremely helpful. Get the website loaded up with all you know!!!…how can I help you?

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  2. Is there a simple inexpensive way to measure visceral fat? Expensive way? Is there a visceal fat scale?
    Bill Graber

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  3. The most sensitive and reproducible technology for assessing visceral fat is CT or MRI. There are some evolving impedence technologies but I am not sure how reliable these are. Waist circumference works for populations but is a crude measure for individuals.

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