Don’t Miss Out: Joint Offer For European and Canadian Obesity Conferences

In just a few weeks, the European Association for the Study of Obesity (EASO) and Obesity Canada (OC) will be hosting their 2021 annual conferences on-line. Both conferences will run on the same days (10-13 May) and both organisations are delighted to offer a heavily-discounted joint registration for both meetings.

For just an extra CAN$ 120 (€ 50), EASO and OC members can register for both conferences, which, thanks to the different time zones, will comfortably run with minimal overlap – thus, when the European Conference closes for the evening, delegates can join the live sessions in Canada (starting at 17:00 CET) for a few more hours of cutting-edge presentations on obesity research and practice. 

Of course, registrants to both conferences will have full access to all live and on-demand content for several weeks following the conferences. 

Students can attend both conference for just an extra CAN$ 40 (€ 25) – definitely a steal! 

Registering for both conferences gives you access to hundreds of presentations with countless hours of CME credits – more than anyone could wish for.

For Europeans wondering why they would bother with a Canadian conference – here just a humble reminder that some of the most forward-thinking research in obesity and some of the most advanced concepts on obesity management are currently being developed in Canada (the recent Canadian Obesity Practice Guidelines are just one example). 

For Canadians wondering why they would bother with a European conference – here a reminder that EASO represents the leading voices in obesity research, management and policy from 36 European countries – nothing anyone working in obesity would wish to or could afford to miss. 

To take advantage of the discounted joint registration for both conferences, head over to Obesity Canada or ECO now!

Berlin, D