CON Obesity Management Certificate for Post-Graduates, Edmonton, Nov 25, 2015

bariatric patient in bedNow that the Canadian Medical Association has declared obesity a chronic disease, health professionals should have all the more incentive to learn about the fundamentals of managing obesity in their practices.

This is the goal of the continuing series of obesity management certificate courses offered by the Canadian Obesity Network in partnership with the Health Sciences Education Resource Commons at the University of Alberta in Edmonton.

The one day workshop offers participants a unique educational experience utilizing the ONLY bariatric care suite in Canada with a pragmatic look at obesity management and the role of health practitioner (MD, RN, RD, OT, PT, etc.) in the medical management of obesity.

The workshop provides a deep dive into the basics of obesity management including sensitivity training, the handling of clients with obesity in clinical settings (bariatric care simulation suite), constructive interviewing techniques using standardised patients and a view of living with obesity in a home environment (smart condo). Experiential training includes allowing participants to don a bariatric simulation suit to gain deeper insights into the lived experience of clients with severe obesity.

The workshop is limited to 30 participants with a few seats still available for the course on November 25, 2015.

For more information and how to register click here.

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