Canadians Living With Obesity Need Your Help

Canadians living with obesity need your help!

As some readers may be aware, The Canadian Obesity Network (CON) has been invited to submit a proposal for funding to the federal Networks of Centres of Excellence Program to launch the Canadian Obesity Awareness and Control initiative for Health (COACH).

The VISION of COACH is to enable all Canadian adults and children with obesity to live healthier and more productive lives.

The MISSION of COACH is to become a credible, preferred source of information and resources for obesity management by mobilizing the collective knowledge of existing networks, stakeholders, and Canadians living with excess weight to

1) foster a better understanding of the importance of the risks associated with obesity

and to

2) enable Canadians to better identify and adopt evidence-based weight management strategies and resources.

COACH seeks to broadly engage and listen to Canadians (both kids and adults) affected by obesity – after all, who knows more about living with or battling excess weight than the people who live with it everyday?

So the Network is looking for your help:

1) If you are willing to step up and support this proposal with your name and personal story, or if you can speak for someone struggling with obesity (e.g. yourself, a close friend or family member, a patient group, etc.), or represent an organisation that can reach and engage Canadians living with obesity – we want to hear from you!

2) As “Ambassador” for COACH, your job is to help determine the direction and nature of COACH initiatives and to carry the torch for COACH into your communities and organisations.

3) You can help fine-tune the proposal – make a compelling case, tell a convincing story, and ensure that COACH truly addresses a need that will help Canadians better deal with this complex and unforgiving condition that destroys self-esteem, relationships, health, and wealth.

If you would like to support this initiative, please take a moment to fill in the following short survey:

Click here to take survey

Please forward this post to anyone you think may help with this initiative.

This is your chance to put your weight (pun intended!) behind getting Canadians struggling with excess weight the help they need.

Edmonton, Alberta