Canada’s Reality Coalition Launched at National Obesity Summit

After 5 days of a most intense 2nd National Obesity Summit with over 800 attendees, almost a 100 talks, over 200 posters, and countless hallway conversations with colleagues from across Canada, I am exhausted and saturated. It will take weeks and months to digest the new information and ideas – follow-up and reconnect with old and new friends – begin implementing some of these new ideas and learnings into practice and new research projects.

Amazingly, the Canadian Obesity Network staff (without none of this would have happened) is already busy planning the next CON events, including the 6th Annual Summer Obesity Boot Camp, COACH presentation to the Networks of Centres of Excellence selection committee, the 3rd National Student Summit and of course the 3rd National Obesity Summit, which will be held in Vancouver in 2013.

One of the many important events at the Summit was the launch of Canada’s Reality Coalition (RCC) – a new Think Tank that challenges Canada (especially government and policy makers) to stop talking and ‘get real’ about obesity.

A brief interview with Yoni Freedhoff, President of RCC can be seen here (e-mail readers will have to visit to see this video).

More on this and other initiatives will likely fill these pages for the next few weeks.

For a quick and perhaps entertaining review of the Obesity Summit – here’s a link to the over 400 tweets from the conference: #con11

Edmonton, Alberta