Building Trust in Tackling Obesity?

Yesterday, at the 2nd National Obesity Summit, one of the workshops was on the issue of building trust.

As regular readers may recall, I have been part of this initiative in the past, as I firmly believe in the value of dialogue – whether in the end you agree or agree to disagree.

At yesterday’s workshop there was again good representation from industry (mainly Big-Food/Beverages, government and non-government organisations as well as health professionals and academics – sectors that not only mistrust each other, but also, interestingly, often display significant inter-sectoral mistrust.

Rather than go through some of the discussions or outcomes of this workshop, I post this video that was taken following the last Building Trust in Obesity workshop and nicely reflects why this dialogue is so important and useful, if as a society we hope to in the end all work together to address some of the pertinent issues.

I guess the video speaks for itself.

Montreal, Quebec