Brazilian Endocrinologists Embrace EOSS

This morning I am presenting a plenary lecture and workshop on the Edmonton Obesity Staging System (EOSS) at the 30th Annual Brazilian Congress on Endocrinology and Metabolism, in Goiânia.

As regular readers will be well aware, EOSS stages overweight and obese individuals based on the presence of medical, mental and/or functional problems and has been validated in large populations as a far better predictor of mortality than BMI, waist circumference and even metabolic syndrome.

In clinical practice, EOSS staging takes only minutes and provides a much better assessment of overall health and is therefore a much better guide to clinical decision making.

Not only, is EOSS therefore part of the ASSESS step of the 5As of Obesity Management, it is also now increasingly seen as a measure to inform obesity policies and treatment access.

Given the growing problem of obesity in South America, I have no doubt that my Brazilian colleagues will find this tool helpful in their practice – certainly a much better way to decide who needs obesity treatment and who does not than BMI alone.

Goiânia, Brazil