Best Obesity Blogs of 2015

obesity-best 2015I am honestly delighted to see that Dr Sharma’s Obesity Notes are in good company among the recently announced best obesity blogs curated for 2015 by Healthline.

Here is the list of other blogs – they’re all worth checking out:

Obesity Panacea by PhD bloggers Travis Saunders and Peter Janiszewski (both CON bootcampers), covers topics such as fat bullying and the dangers of being sedentary. 

It’s Not About Nutrition by Sociologist and feeding expert Dr. Dina Rose teaches parents how to help their kids make good food choices. She suggests ways to make tasting new foods fun and mealtime a little easier for everyone.

Weighty Matters by Yoni Freedhoff, a Canadian professor and evidence-based nutrition expert (and good friend and colleague), tackles the big issues in a way that makes you feel like you’re talking with a friend.

Fooducate reveals the ways in which food companies try to “hook” people into buying their products. It also writes about the health risks associated with various ingredients and has the research to back up the claims.

Food Politics by Marion Nestle, is dedicated to tracking the relationship between obesity and the government’s regulations on food. 

The OAC blog from the Obesity Action Coalition, as a one-stop shopping depot for information about obesity with topics ranging from how to have a conversation with your child about being overweight to information about bariatric surgery or joining a gym.

Daily Strength gives you the latest on obesity and healthy eating in an easy-to-read list format. Each post is color-coded to help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

Hello Healthy is MyFitnessPal’s blog with fitness tips, Q&As with staff members, and inspirational stories about real people losing weight.

300 Pounds Down, chronicles the progress of a mother who once weighed 417 pounds and opted for bariatric surgery.

Escape from Obesity is a deeply personal blog about one woman’s weight loss journey sharing her innermost thoughts about losing weight.

The World According to Eggface by Shelly, who had gastric bypass surgery in 2006., share ways to cram delicious nutrition into smaller packages. You’ll enjoy reading and could very well win one of her regular giveaways.

Childhood Obesity News seeks to inform professionals like doctors, educators, and counselors. It’s also a great site for parents. The kids get a say, too, in a series of profiles about how they feel about their bodies. 

Fit to the Finish by spices Diane Carbonell, who lost 158 lbs almost 20 years ago shares  news on wellness and eating habits with some of her recipes. 

Congratulations to all concerned!

Berlin, Germany