Abstract Deadline for Canadian Obesity Summit Fast Approaching

CON-abstractpg-batman-750x483-21743Here just a quick reminder that for those, wishing to present their research at the upcoming 4th Canadian Obesity Summit, the deadline for abstract submission is fast approaching: Thursday, October 23, 2014.

Summit Themes

The program of the 4th Canadian Obesity Summit is organized around the following themes:

  1. Environmental and Socio-Cultural Determinants
  2. Behavioural and Biological Determinants
  3. Prevention, Treatment, and Rehabilitation
  4. Health Economics and Policy

The Summit Planning Committee invites submissions of abstracts of proposed oral and poster presentations relating to the four themes around which the conference will be developed. All abstracts will be evaluated as to their content, quality and appropriateness to overall Summit themes.

Abstracts for Oral Presentations

Oral presentation abstracts can take one of two formats: 1. Reports. The first format is the traditional meeting abstract with a clear objective, brief description of methods, results and conclusions. 2. Overviews. The second format is designed for Principal Investigators or senior Trainees and is an overview of the subject of your research focus, presenting key findings in broad context. The abstract will be written for broad understanding.

Abstracts for Poster Presentations

We also encourage presentation of work in poster format, an exhibition which will enable discussion with presenters. Poster authors will be asked to stand by their poster during scheduled poster presentation times. These presentations will also be made according to the summit themes. Abstracts should take the form of traditional meeting abstracts with a clear aim, brief description of methods, results and conclusions.

General Information

Abstracts must be written in English. The length of the abstracts is the same for oral and poster presentations: a maximum of 250 words in the body of the abstract, plus title and author(s) names and affiliations. No references are permitted.

Originality of work, adequacy of data and clarity of exposition are the determinants in the selection of abstracts. Make abstracts as informative as possible, including a brief statement of the purpose of the study or why it was done, the methods or what was done, the results observed and conclusions based on the results. Actual data should be summarized. It is inadequate to state, “The results will be discussed” or “The data will be presented.”

You will need to set up a free personal account in which you can create, edit and submit abstracts. You may submit more than one abstract using the same account. Please fill in all of the required fields. Abstracts sent by e-mail, mail or fax will not be accepted. If you have questions about completing the abstract form, contact the Canadian Obesity Network (cosabstracts@mci-group.com).

Please review your abstract to ensure that your information is correct and there are no typos. It is the author’s responsibility to ensure that all information is correct.

In order to be considered, the following criteria MUST be met:

  1. abstracts must contain plain text only (no symbols, mathematical formulas, formatted text, etc.)
  2. tables, figures and images are not allowed (please do not attempt to create tables with tabs or spaces)
  3. abstracts must not contain footnotes or references
  4. ensure that Institutional Affiliations are entered completely and correctly for ALL authors

Abstracts that do not meet the above criteria will not be considered.

You can choose to submit abstracts for oral or poster or both, but the Summit Planning Committee will make a final format recommendation based on the overall submissions in order to develop a comprehensive and compelling program.  THE DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSION IS THURSDAY, OCTOBER 23, 2014 at 5:00 PM PT / 8:00 PM ET.  No changes will be possible after the abstract submission deadline.

To submit your abstract(s) – click here

For more information on the Canadian Obesity Summit – click here

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