ABOM Master of Obesity Medicine

Yesterday, at the 2019 Obesity Week in Las Vegas, I had the honour of receiving the 2019 American Board of Obesity Medicine “Master of Obesity Medicine” award.

This is indeed a remarkable privilege, given that many of the previous distinguished award winners were folks that I have always looked up to, who have always offered their friendship and advice, and without whose mentorship, I would certainly not have developed the ideas or had the influence in obesity medicine that regular readers of these pages will be familiar with.

It was particularly humbling to see so many of my Canadian colleagues in the audience, who have always supported my endeavours and, in true Canadian fashion, have welcomed me to the Canadian research and practice community since I moved to Canada in 2002.

Finally, I owe this award to the many patients who have taught me much of what I know about obesity over the years.

If nothing else, this award will serve as a constant reminder that we continue to do what we can as researchers, clinicians, and advocates to make a difference in the lives of the millions of children and adults living with this complex chronic disease.

Las Vegas, USA