A Canadian Love Story and Why Jackrabbits Change Colour

Today’s post is a shameless plug for a venture by my daughter Linnie (known to some readers as DR Eye Candy) and her friend Rebecca to raise money via Indiegogo for a children’s book.

This incredibly cute and heartwarming story of recent immigration to Canada (the draft of which was written on the back of an Air Canada puke bag) is one that will certainly resonate with anyone (especially kids), who (like us) have decided to make Canada their new home.

Or in the words of the hopeful author (Linnie) and illustrator (Rebecca)”

By publishing Our Canadian Love Story we sincerely hope that our little tale will inspire dialogue within your families, schools & playgroups about what immigration means to the fabric of our joint Canadian life.

And if you’re feeling a little less philosophical: then it’s simply a whimsical tale about two jackrabbits who fall in love…with each other and with Canada.

El señor Giacomo and mademoiselle Jacqueline, the main jackrabbits of our tale, arrive in Canada much like you did…or maybe your mom and dad or gran and pop, or oma and opa, or nonna and nonno, or grand-père and grand-mère…because somebody they knew said to them:

“There is a place where the horizon is endless. Where the sky dances with the light that is the music of our planet and where the ground is dusted in white diamond powder. And the best part is, that it tastes and smells like sweet sugary maple, right from the Atlantic coast on the East all the way to the Pacific coast on the West.”

Help them pack their bag in a land far away from ours. Learn why jackrabbit fur changes colour. Watch them chug a spoonful of courage and fly to Canada on an Air Canada Goose flight. And finally wave at them as they arrive at Terminal 1 of Canada International Airport.”

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Please help Linnie and Rebecca make their story come true.

Edmonton, AB