5th Annual Dietitian Learning Retreat For Obesity Management

DScreen Shot 2015-09-14 at 4.24.33 PMietitians play an often critical role in helping patients with obesity better manage their weight.

However, I also know that dietitians are the first to agree that obesity management is not just about diet (and exercise) but rather, that diet is just one aspect of an interdisciplinary management approach.

This is why over the past several years, the Canadian Obesity Network has partnered with Dietitians Canada to host an annual learning retreat, especially for dietitians called upon to manage obesity.

The two-day retreat (October 7-8, Toronto), which follows a highly intense interactive workshop format, covers all aspects of interdisciplinary obesity management including behavioural, medical and surgical treatments. There will also be a special focus on the nutritional management of bariatric patients as well as weight-sensitive behavioural modification.

Speakers at the event include Michael Vallis, Eric Doucet, Jennifer Brown-Vowles, Sean Wharton, and myself.

The course is open to all registered dietitians and anyone else interested in (not-just) nutritional aspects of obesity management.

For advanced registration (early bird registration ends Sept 15) and more information click here.

Edmonton, AB