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Let’s Put The Obesity-Is-A-Disease Debate to Rest

Having just completed a tour de force, first as President of the International Congress on Obesity in Vancouver and then as an invited plenary speaker at the Scientific Meeting of the German Diabetes Society in Berlin, I have had ample opportunities to discuss how best we can make better progress in obesity prevention and treatment. Amongst the many experts I spoke to virtually no one believes we … Read More »

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Welcome To The International Congress on Obesity, Vancouver 2016

This weekend sees the start of the XIII International Congress on Obesity (ICO), hosted by the World Obesity Federation in partnership with the Canadian Obesity Network (CON) in Vancouver, Canada. As this year’s Congress President, together with World Obesity Federation President Dr. Walmir Coutinho, it will be our pleasure to welcome delegates from around the world to what I am certain will… Read More »

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How To Interpret Studies On Screen Time And Eating Behaviour

Much of the research on the contribution of screen time, sedentariness, food consumption and other factors comes from cross-sectional or longitudinal studies, where researchers essentially describe correlations and statistical “effect sizes”. To be at all meaningful, analyses in such studies need to be adjusted for known (or at least likely) confounders (or at least the confounders tha… Read More »

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Ideological Conflicts of Interest Worry Me More Than Financial Conflicts

A few weeks ago I was asked to give a plenary talk on the nature of conflicts of interest at the opening session of the American Society of Nutrition meeting in San Diego. As I explained to the audience, while I do not disregard or trivialize the potential conflict of interest that may come from financial interests (e.g. such as holding a patent or industry funding), we need to also be aware of ot… Read More »

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Bariatric Surgery Outcomes In The Yukon

Some faithful readers may remotely recall that back in 2010, I travelled to Whitehorse in the Yukon to help set up a bariatric specialty clinic modelled on our Edmonton program. Background for this initiative was the fact that we were receiving a number of referrals from the Yukon for patients who had to travel at great cost to Edmonton for consultations and surgery, with little to no follow up in… Read More »

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