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Plan Your Personalized Program For The Canadian Obesity Summit Now

If you are planning to attend the 4th Canadian Obesity Summit in Toronto next week (and anyone else, who is interested), you can now download the program app on your mobile, tablet, laptop, desktop, eReader, or anywhere else – the app works on all major platforms and operating systems, even works offline. You can access and download the app here. (To watch a brief video on how to install thi… Read More »

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Epode’s Canada Obesity Forum

As part of the 4th Canadian Obesity Summit, EPODE Canada presents its first Canadian Regional Forum. This one-day workshop is designed for program managers, local community coordinators or program advisors of childhood obesity prevention programs, and to share knowledge and practical advice between EPODE and Canadian programs. Senior members of the EPODE global team including program managers from… Read More »

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Online Course on Weight Bias With Dr. Sara Kirk

Regular readers will be well of the very real social and health impact of weight bias and discrimination. Now, Sara Kirk of Dalhousie University, Halifax, NS, invites you to join her free Massive Open Online Course (MOOC), on weight bias and stigma in obesity, which will be starting on April 20th 2015 (just a week before the Canadian Obesity Summit in Toronto). The course builds on Kirk’s ex… Read More »

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Guest Post: Feeling Obesity Explores the Role of Emotions in Public Policy

Today’s guest post comes from Michael Orsini, Ph.D., Associate Professor in the School of Political Studies, and currently Director of the Institute of Feminist and Gender Studies at the University of Ottawa. He specializes in the study of health policy and politics. He is seeking support for his project, which explores obesity as a case study along with two other cases (funded by the Social… Read More »

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Fear of Fat: Promoting Health In a Fat-Phobic Culture

Today I will be attending a Summit on Weight Bias at the University of Calgary, that will explore the the issue of weight-based discrimination and ways to address this – especially in health care settings. It should come as no surprise that weight bias and discrimination are a major barrier to providing proper preventive and therapeutic health care due to the widespread attitudes and beliefs… Read More »

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