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The Deceptive Nature Of Averages In Obesity Management

Imagine there was a safe and effective treatment that worked great for 10% of people living with obesity. While there would be no discernible benefit (or say even a small risk) for 90% of people with this chronic disease, the remaining 10% would not only experience a substantial weight loss (say 20% of their initial weight) but would also reap the benefits of the concomitant improvements in health… Read More »

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A Call To Action: Obesity In Children With Physical Disabilities

There is no doubt that children growing up in today’s obesogenic environment are at greater risk of developing obesity than previous generations. This is even more true for children with physical disabilities, who face even greater challenges when it comes to preventing or managing excessive weight gain. Unfortunately, not much is known about the extent of this problem or possible solutions.… Read More »

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It Is Time Canadian Benefits Plans Begin Considering Obesity A Disease

The recent declaration by the Canadian Medical Association that obesity is a chronic disease not only sends a strong signal to medical doctors to take this issue seriously but also has important consequences for Canadian benefits plans. As international readers may not be aware, while the Canadian publicly funded health care system covers all in-hospital costs and visits to doctors, it does not ge… Read More »

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Canadians Widely Support Policies and Legal Protection Agains Weight Discrimination

According to a four-country survey published by Rebecca Puhl and colleagues in the Milbank Quarterly,  a representative proportion of the public in Canada, USA, Iceland and Australia, where weight-based discrimination is widely documented would support policies and legal protections against this practice. The survey assessed public support for potential laws to prohibit weight-based discrimination… Read More »

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Invitation To Join The Canadian Obesity Network

For the past eight weeks, the Canadian Obesity Network, a group of over 11,000 individuals with a professional interest in obesity research, prevention and management, has opened its doors to the public. Canadians living with obesity can now access credible information on obesity and get involved in the many activities of the network. Clinicians can now send their patients to the Canadian Obesity … Read More »

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