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How Do We Protect Our Kids From Being Judged For Their Weight?

If the lively response to last week’s post on the question of whether or not Sarah Hoffman is qualified to serve as Alberta’s health minister based on how people judge her size teaches us anything, it sure makes eviden the simple-minded thinking about obesity that is so pervasive in our society (thanks to all my bold readers, who stepped in to share their stories). The problem, however… Read More »

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Obesity Is Not Smoking – Period!

The recent appointment of the Hon. Sarah Hoffman (NDP) to the post of Health Minister in Alberta has (as expected) prompted a wide range of remarks regarding her suitability for the job – not because of her qualifications as an administrator (these are uncontested) – but her size! In a slurry of comments ranging from misguided misogynistic remarks (sadly, including by members of the fo… Read More »

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Does Childhood Obesity Prevention Only Work In Rich Kids?

Recent publications suggest that the increase in childhood obesity seen in the US over the past several decades may finally be leveling off – an observation happily interpreted as a sign that not all is lost and that preventive measures may be working. However, as a paper by Ashlesha Datar and Paul Chung, just published in JAMA pediatrics, these findings may be misleading in that they hide t… Read More »

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Variation In Access To Bariatric Surgery in Canada

Based on the recent report from the Canadian Institute of Health Information on bariatric surgery in Canada, it is evident that there is considerable (almost 800%) variation in access to bariatric surgery for people with severe obesity living across Canada. While the overall rate of surgeries in 2012-2013 for all Canadians was 4.9/ 1000 individuals with a BMI>35 (2010), this number was as high … Read More »

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Bariatric Surgery in Canada 2015

Last week the Canadian Institute of Health Information released a new study on the recent developments in Bariatric Surgery across Canada. The following are the main findings: In 2012–2013, about 6,000 bariatric surgeries were performed in Canadian hospitals. This represents an almost four-fold increase over six years, due largely to increased capacity for bariatric surgery in Ontario. The typical… Read More »

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