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Post-Weight Loss Fat Gain in US Rangers

And finally, to conclude this week’s discussion of evidence to support the notion that weight cycling predicts weight (fat) gain especially in normal weight individuals, I turn back to the paper by Dulloo and colleagues published in Obesity Reviews, which quotes these interesting findings in US Rangers: “…U.S. Army Ranger School where about 12% of weight loss was observed followi… Read More »

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Are Weight-Cycling Elite Athletes Predisposed To Weight Gain?

My recent reading of the paper by Dulloo and colleagues on post-dieting weight gain in non-obese individuals, reminded me of my clinical observation that a surprisingly large proportion of patients I see in our bariatric clinic report a history of competitive sports. When I have previously discussed this observation with colleagues, the answer I often get is that this weight gain is simply due to … Read More »

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Will Dieting Make You Fatter? Only If You Are Skinny!

At the recent European Congress on Obesity, I had the occasion for a long chat with my friend and colleague Abdul Dulloo, from Friburg in Switzerland, who has worked extensively on the issue of weight regain. I asked him how much evidence there is to support the common notion that losing weight makes you fatter – something many dieters claim to have experienced. Indeed, both in animals and h… Read More »

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When Identical Twins Are Different

This year’s prestigious Fredrich Wassermann Award of the European Association for the Study of Obesity presented at the 22nd European Congress on Obesity goes to Helsinki’s Aila Rissanen, Europe’s grande dame of obesity research. I have personally known Aila for as lo as I have been involved in obesity and there is much in her work and approach to obesity that has stimulated my o… Read More »

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Plan Your Personalized Program For The Canadian Obesity Summit Now

If you are planning to attend the 4th Canadian Obesity Summit in Toronto next week (and anyone else, who is interested), you can now download the program app on your mobile, tablet, laptop, desktop, eReader, or anywhere else – the app works on all major platforms and operating systems, even works offline. You can access and download the app here. (To watch a brief video on how to install thi… Read More »

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