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Does Obesity Promote Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

In my dealings with patients living with obesity, I am certainly aware of the many health problems attributed to excess weight – but that there may be a link between carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) and obesity is new to me. Thus, I was surprised to see a meta-analysis of Shiri and colleagues, published in Obesity Reviews, which shows a rather clear increased risk for CTS with increasing BMI. Th… Read More »

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2015 Weight Bias Summit: Full Report

Earlier this year I participated in a two-day workshop on weight bias hosted by researchers at the University of Calgary. The over 40 participants included researchers, clinicians, health administrators and a number of other stakeholders, who discussed all aspects of weight bias and discrimination. A particular focus of the workshop, supported by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (INMD) a… Read More »

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Does Altered Immune Function Cause Obesity?

The role of proinflammatory cells in adipose tissue as a determinant of insulin resistance and altered metabolic function is now well known. However, there is also new data suggesting that altered immune function may well be an important causal step in the accumulation of excess fat and related metabolic abnormalities. Two studies, both in animal models, point to a role of perforin, a cytotoxic ef… Read More »

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Is Not Calling Obesity A Disease Discrimination?

In the many discussions I have had about calling obesity a disease, I have often heard the argument that calling obesity a disease somehow discriminates against larger people. Indeed, there are people who consider “obesity” to be largely a “social construct” invented by the “medical establishment” to “medicalize” something that is simply a natural pa… Read More »

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The Cost-Saving Argument For Obesity Prevention Is No Better

Yesterday, I suggested that using a cost-saving argument to justify treatments for obesity reeks of discrimination. I argued that even if obesity treatment costs the system money, it needs to be delivered in the same way that we deliver treatments for other conditions – not because they save money, but because that’s what people living with those conditions deserve. But the “cost… Read More »

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