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Developing A Research Agenda In Weight Bias

Last year, the Canadian Obesity Network and the Werklund School of Education and departments of Psychology and Community Health Sciences at the University of Calgary co-hosted the 2nd Canadian Summit on Weight Bias and Discrimination in Calgary, AB. The proceedings of this two-day summit, which was attended by 40 invitees representing education, healthcare, and public policy sectors in Alberta, Br… Read More »

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Exenatide For Weight Loss In Hypothalamic Obesity

Obesity caused by disruption of the hypothalamic centres that control body weight are among the most challenging forms of obesity to treat. Patients often experience relentless appetite with loss of satiety resulting in often dramatic weight gain. Causes can range from physical trauma to tumors that impact on the functioning of the hypothalamus. Now, a study by Jefferson Lormenick and colleagues f… Read More »

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Are We Seeing An Upward Shift In Healthy Weights?

I don’t like the term “healthy” weights, because we have long learnt that good health is possible across a wide range of shapes and sizes. Nevertheless, epidemiologists (and folks in health promotion) appear to like the notion that there is such a weight (at least at the population level), and often define it as the weight (or rather BMI level) where people have the longest life-… Read More »

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Genetic Obesity In Labrador Retrievers

While much has been written on how the current obesity epidemic is not limited to humans but also includes house hold pets and zoo animals, some species appear to be more obesity prone than others. Among dogs, which for centuries have been selectively bred to transform the wild type into all shapes, sizes and temperaments, some breeds likewise appear more prone to weight gain than others – t… Read More »

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Hands-On Obesity Training in The Bariatric Simulation Suite, Edmonton, May 24, 2016

Later this month, the Canadian Obesity Network, in partnership with the University of Alberta’s Health Sciences Education and Research Commons, will once again be offering its one-day, intensive hands-on Obesity Certification Program for health professionals. As on previous occasions, this course offers an immersive educational experience on practical aspects of obesity management and the ro… Read More »

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