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Health Professionals’ Weight Bias Does Not Help

Yesterday, I discussed the dire need for health professional education in obesity, a topic of keen interest to Bill Dietz and colleagues in their paper in the 2015 Lancet series on obesity. This lack of professional training in obesity is not helped by the well known and widespread weight-bias and discrimination that is rampant amongst most health providers, administrators and policy makers (not t… Read More »

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Health Professionals Are Poorly Prepared To Address Obesity

“…health professionals are poorly prepared to address obesity. In addition to biases and unfounded assumptions about patients with obesity, absence of training in behaviour-change strategies and scarce experience working within interprofessional teams impairs care of patients with obesity.“ This quote, taken from the paper by William Dietz and colleagues included in the 2015 Lanc… Read More »

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The Lancet’s 2015 Take On Obesity

In 2011, The Lancet dedicated a special issue to the topic of obesity – the general gist being that obesity is a world wide problem which will not be reversed without government leadership and will require a systems approach across multiple sectors. The Lancet also noted that current assumptions about the speed and sustainability of weight loss are wrong. This week, The Lancet again dedicate… Read More »

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Even Modest Weight Loss Is Associated With Improved Health Status in Patients With Severe Obesity

The title of this post may sound like a “no-brainer”, but the research literature on the long-term health benefits of weight loss from longitudinal intervention studies in people with severe obesity is much thinner than most people would expect. Thus, a new study from our group, that looks at the relationship between changes in body weight and changes in health status over two years in patients wi… Read More »

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How To Tell If You May Be A Food Addict

Following the recent guest posts by Drs Vera Tarman and Pam Peeke on food addiction, many readers have left comments about how this notion rings true to them and how the ideas of treating their “eating disorder” as an addiction has helped them better control their diet and often lose substantial amount of weight. Others have asked how to tell if they might be food addicts. For them, I … Read More »

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