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Cognitive And Autonomic Determinants of Energy Balance

While I’m here at the 10th Canadian Obesity Network Summer School (Boot Camp), in the Canadian Rockies, it is perhaps of interest to note that one of the founding faculty of this school, Denis Richard from Laval University, has just published a paper in Nature Reviews Endocrinology, which nicely reviews the complex neurobiology of energy balance. The paper focuses largely on the “energ… Read More »

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10th Annual Obesity Summer Boot Camp

Hard to believe, but this weekend I am off to my 10th annual Canadian Obesity Network Summer Boot Camp – once again in Kananaskis in the Canadian Rockies. As every year, I look forward to spending 9 days with an enthusiastic bunch of young obesity researchers and professionals as well as my faculty colleagues, who will teach about everything from genetics and molecular biology to public heal… Read More »

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Cognitive And Emotional Functioning In Binge Eating Sydrome

As a clinician often dealing with patients presenting with binge-eating disorder (BED), I am quite aware of the often pathological cognitive and emotional relationship to food, eating, and body image presented by patients with this syndrome. Whether or not this impairment in thinking and feeling also extends to other behavioural or emotional domains is the topic of a systematic review by Kittel an… Read More »

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Dietary Intervention For Polycystic Ovary Syndrome in Adolescents

While there is evidence that weight loss can be beneficial for the treatment of polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), there are few studies that have actually done this in a controlled fashion – even fewer in adolescents. To test the feasibility of a dietary intervention aimed at weight loss in adolescents, Wong and colleagues from Boston Children’s Hospital, conducted a study, the results… Read More »

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Weight-Based Bullying Is The Most Common Form of Bullying in Youth

According to a study conducted by a team of researchers from the US, Canada, Australia and Iceland, published in Pediatric Obesity, weight-based bullying in children and youth is the most prevalent form of youth bullying in these countries, exceeding by a substantial margin other forms of bullying including race/ethnicity, sexual orientation or religion. According to the almost 3000 participants i… Read More »

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