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Sharma’s Obesity Notes For 2017

jigsaw_puzzleWith the advent of 2017, these Obesity Notes otes are now entering their 10th year Рthat is ten years of almost daily posts on every conceivable topic related to obesity.

That said, readers may have noticed that over the past 6 months posts have been far more irregular – this is because after 10 years of daily blogging, no doubt, a certain weariness has set in.

Not because obesity is no longer interesting or there is less new research to report on – actually, the opposite is true.

Obesity continues to be a important as a global health problem as ever and there is more obesity research pouring out of research labs than ever before.

It is just that I feel that I’ve posted on almost all important topics and so, although there may be a torrent of new studies, the really new – i.e.¬†research that has the potential to actually take obesity prevention or treatments to a whole new level, remains rather rare.

So my plan going forward with these Obesity Notes is to continue posting, albeit less regularly, whenever I come across studies that are of exceptional significance. I will also, from time to time, continue using these Notes as a venue for discussing new (or old) ideas on obesity that I find worth sharing. The latter may include reposting older posts on topics that remain important.

So hopefully readers will bear with me through 2017 as we continue on this journey of discovery.

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